Indie Fashions That I Really Do Enjoy

December 9, 2008 at 1:09 am (Uncategorized)

A dear friend of mine today told me that he was getting so sick of the whole “indie subculture” that he almost doesn’t want to listen to its music anymore. There is a part of me that can empathize with him. For instance, below is an example of a type of conversation that I have almost daily.

Leonora the Hipster: Hey, have you heard of the band Silly Sheep and the Shepherds?

J-Dong (that’s me): Uh, no?

Leonora the Hipster: Are you serious? And I thought you knew good music.


Now, I would rather converse about music with a Leonora type than listen to some Dave Matthews or OAR fan’s monologue about, I don’t know, some 37 minute bass solo they heard at a festival. But yeah, I totally understand why some people are just sick of indie kids. Regardless, I admit that a lot of them wear cool clothing. A lot of them also wear plenty of dippy shit. So here’s some of my favorite indie fashions. My next posting will have some of my least favorites. Oh, and this is all in totally random order, by the way.

I Like These

The Scarfhats-0063

You know, I do like this whole scarf thing. Especially knitted scarves, those look very nice indeed. There are many reasons why I get happy when I’m in a place where a lot of scarves are being worn. One, winter is my favorite season. I think people look much cuter and funnier during the winter because they get “bundled up.” I’ve always liked to get bundled up and I think it’s endearing that humans need to do this. As a child I always found it funny to watch my dad put on a sweater, a huge jacket, puffy wool socks, enormous boots, gloves that resembled the Powerglove for the original Nintendo (only his were blue, not gray), a funny looking knit hat with a floppy ball atop of it, and then he’d spend about 3 minutes wrapping a huge scarf around his neck and head. So hipsters, wear the hell out of those scarves. The only thing that bothers me is when I see somebody with a scarf on who looks miserable. I see this a lot, too. Listen, ace, you should be happy. Why?  Because your neck is warm. There are a lot of cold necks out there who would love to be engulfed by your silly scarf. 




limmens3Striped Shirts

These I also enjoy. You can do a lot with them. You can wear them under t-shirts (more to be said about that later), wear them under a sweater that doesn’t match at all but somehow works, or just wear them as is. Striped pants are hideous, so don’t wear those. I think a lot of people, back in their youngling days, were truly fascinated by the zebra creature. I also recall from my youth laughing at a lot of commercials wherein a businessman sits on a white bench without knowing it’s still wet with paint, realizes this, is a tad disgruntled but then, wearing his now striped suit, does that “well, what can you do” gesture with his hands” before chewing whatever gum that the commercial advertised. 







  The  Jordan Catalano “Long Sleeve Under T-       shirt” Thing

  Having once been a high schooler who dressed horribly and had no friends, I was pleasantly surprised one morning during symphonic band practice when the super-fly Kristin Sereyko told me I looked nice. And what was I wearing? The very outfit that I saw Jordan Catalano wear on My So Called Life the evening before. And you know what? I still see people dressed like this all the time. Best of all, it takes no effort whatsoever to put on. Stephen Malkmus, when not wearing a rain coat (ie. “Carrot Rope”), often donned this super cool combo. I would recommend that you also wear brown old man pants and blue Chuck Taylors when you do so. 





Speaking of “Carrot Rope”, let’s take a break and watch it:


ajragdollgreenwhite1   Rag Dolls Socks on Da’ Ladies

  This was once more of a goth and punk look, and even a “fetish” thing. But lately I’ve seen a lot of ladies wearing these at bars and the other day at a pizza place. So apparently it’s coming to the fore, and I tell you what, this guy isn’t complaining. Every time I see a lovely lady wearing rag doll socks, regardless of the socks’ color, I immediately pretend that I am no longer in Grand Rapids, MI, but instead in Wonderland or Oz. There’s this magic trick store on Division St. where I live that have racks and racks and racks of these for sale.  I also saw an advertisement for some roller derby event that had cartoons of women skating around, wearing these. 












Alright, my next post will share which indie fashions I hope die horrible deaths. I love you. 



  1. C-Dong said,

    I like it when you wear Rag doll socks.

  2. katie said,

    The commercial you are referencing is for mentos: the freshmaker. I’m sure you already knew that, but you failed to mention it.
    I really enjoyed your indie fashion list of likes and dislikes.

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