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January 13, 2009 at 10:52 pm (Uncategorized)

I’ve been on quite a stand-up comedy kick lately. I’ve always had an appreciation for stand-up comics (especially that wacky, nutty funster Joey Gladstone from Full House). I have fond memories of watching Eddie Murphy’s Delirious a lot as an 8th grader with my brother and friends of mine with whom I don’t remember hanging out with ever again after 8th grade. Anyways, as my brother pointed out in a recent blog post of his, Delirious is perhaps the most homophobic hour of comedy you will ever see in your life. But, to be honest, you don’t come away from it thinking, “By gum, that Eddie Murphy sure hates homos.” Instead, you just watch with amazement and think to yourself, “Wow…you could say that stuff back then and have people reward such comments with guffaws?” But aside from his sodomy jokes including Mr. T and Ricky Ricardo (which, I’m not gonna lie, are pretty funny) Delirious is still one of the funniest 60 minutes I’ve ever seen. I remember just LAUGHING and LAUGHING until my sides hurt. Eddie Murphy is a funny, funny man. His delivery is perfect, his impressions are perfect, and when he tells a zinger he doesn’t just make you laugh but gives you a tickle like you wouldn’t believe. Each and every day I make it a point to think of that part in Delirious when Eddie does his impression of Elvis movies. I can’t possibly describe to you just how funny it is, so just watch it.

Wooh! Now THERE’S an LOL. I love it, I LOVE it. I think I kind of wandered away from watching stand-up comedy for a while because the funny stuff is usually the dirtiest. But, I guess I just don’t care anymore. Whose to say that just because something is a bit ribald that it’s evil? I’m pretty sure that the Pope, if he were to hear Eddie Murphy singing, “We’re gonna win this race” would be unable to hold back his holy laughter. Thus, in no way do I feel it sinful to share with you a few funny, funny people and comedic moments that I think you should laugh with.

Gilbert Gottfried

I first saw him back when he hosted this show on USA called Up All Night. This show consisted of edited-for-TV showings of great movies such as Midnight Cowboy, terrible movies that were enjoyable such as The Toxic Avenger, and terrible movies that were just plain terrible such as Sorority Babes at the Slimeball Bowl-A-Rama. Gottfried  (when his colleague Rhonda Shear wasn’t hosting) would interrupt the movies with commentary, granted it wasn’t so much commentary as it was Gilbert simply saying pretty nasty stuff with his signature loud, horrendously obnoxious but somehow lovable voice. The commercials for this show were almost entirely advertising phone sex numbers. Here’s an old advertisement for Up All Night.

Gilbert has also appeared on The Cosby Show, Saturday Night Live, Problem Child, Married with Children, and Aladdin. His popularity dropped a bit until, as we all know, his uproariously funny performance at Hugh Heffner’s Comedy Roast. After being told that it was in fact too soon to tell a 9/11 joke, Gilbert instead settled for an utterly  perverse stab at the famous Aristocrats joke. He has since been a fixture of the Comedy Roasts and even put out a video. As funny as his roasts have been, he’s still got plenty of other funnies from years past that are too often overlooked. Perhaps my favorite is an old Andrew Dice Clay impression he did. People say that the best comedy is self-directed. Gilbert Gottfried has fortunately proven that some of the best comedy is in fact totally directed at others. Here we go. Prepare yourself for a tickle; this is seriously one of the funniest things I’ve seen in my life:

I’d give one of my testicles to see him impersonate Dane Cook. Speaking of testicles, I’d like to highlight another funny person……

Dan Mintz

I just saw Dan Mintz for the first time about a week ago on Comedy Central. He was roommates with Dmitri Martin, who is also a very funny man. Dan Mintz delivery is so deadpan, and so awkward that I’m amazed he ends up being so funny. But he’s hilarious. I think you’ll gradually be hearing of him more and more as the year goes on. 

This clip has my favorite of his bits…it’s the one about a guitar:

I was going to talk about a few more comedians, like Flight of The Conchords and  Zach Galifianakis, but…that would be totally unnecessary. Instead, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE comment about some of your favorite comedians, whether they be ones we’ve heard about or SHOULD hear about.



  1. butthorn said,

    Anyone who likes funny people saying funny things owes it to themselves to check out some Louis C.K. The funniest comedians to my mind are generally the most miserable (if you think about it, “Bill Cosby, Himself”, one of the funniest stand-up performances ever, is basically an hour and a half of Bill Cosby talking about how much he hates everyone, especially his family), and Louis C.K. is wonderfully unhappy about most every aspect of his life. While watching his last special, “Chewed Up”, I actually laughed so hard that I actually had to get down on my hands and knees and try to think of serious and sad things in order to regulate my respiratory system. I love recommending him to people and standing by as they completely ignore my recommendation and continue watching Lewis Black and Jim Gaffigan and other living humor antonyms. It somehow makes the Louis C.K. experience all the funnier, knowing that he’s so underappreciated.

    Also, while not a stand-up comedian (and I have a feeling if he were, he probably wouldn’t be a very good one), I have been rediscovering the genius of Jason Alexander’s work on “Seinfeld” as George. I never watched this show while it was on in first-run, for some reason, but I’ve been enjoying it in syndication, and his character holds up far better than the other three. Nearly everything he says and does is delightful. That he never got an Emmy, despite his many nominations, is sad and wrong.

  2. Chris said,

    Here are two must see comedians.
    1. Mike Birbiglia. Anything by him is hilarious
    See this video where he talks about crackers:
    2. Louis CK. (Dane Cook steals his jokes, but Louis CK is so cool that he doesn’t care)
    Here he talks about gay marriage:
    Here he talks about his kids:
    Watch all of his videos

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